“BIOSOLIDS S.A was established in May 2012 in Thessaloniki with production facilities in Skydra at Prefecture of Pella based on four interrelated axes: institutional framework, environmental protection, social prosperity and economic development. Its purpose is the rational and certified management of solid organic non-hazardous waste and biomass through the natural process of aerobic fermentation/ composting. The object is the production of compost- non chemical fertilizer- soil enchancers. Its wide range of products aims to meet the needs of both conventional farming and organic farming. The philosophy of BIOSOLIDS S.A. is based on the "circular economy”. This means that it receives and manages organic non-hazardous waste that is returned to the primary sector as a soil conditioner that is largely used for the production of fruit and vegetables, which are directed to the industry and their processing residues are returned to Biosolids for management ”.


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