“Halvatzis Macedoniκι SA is a family owned company that wants to improve the nutrition of the Greek family. We have 40 years of continuous presence in Greece with timeless values that have stood the test of time. Innovation is our passion while our philosophy is our continued commitment to sustainable development and the environment.
Our mission is to explore and create products from the Greek land that are innovative, focused on modern lifestyle and healthy eating. We want our products to be governed by Reliability, Quality, Ethics - Transparency, Consistency, Social Responsibility. Our products are pure, with no pesticide residues maintained by Good Agricultural Practice and Organic. Ready to create effortless high-value dishes. We are signing and evolving the new diet trend!
The environment is a great value and we care about it. We focus on protecting the environment by investing heavily in advanced biological cleaning with cutting-edge nanotechnology. Environmental protection is ensured by our daily practices and our investments.

This is also our commitment to future Sustainable Development with Social Responsibility ”.


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