How to Apply

Companies that wish to join the Roots Program have to submit a business proposal through the online application form.

Applications will be open for a limited period of time and must be submitted online in English.

Companies who meet the requirements should follow these steps to ensure they submit a valid application:

  1. 1

    Create an Account

    Only one account should be created for each company by an employee acting as the company representative for the duration of the program.

    • Sign up on the Roots platform.

      Fill in your name and email, and set your password.

  2. 2

    Start the Application

    Once your account has been created, you will be able to fill in the application form and have access to all application files on your dashboard.

    • Log in to your account and open the application form on your dashboard or from the button below.
    • Complete the application form by responding to the questions.

    Note: You must complete all the mandatory fields.

  3. 3

    Save the Application

    You can save your application at any time and return to it later to update or add more information.

  4. 4

    Upload Documents

    Any supporting materials should be uploaded in the last section. You may upload any files you believe are relevant to your admission to the program, such as a presentation, financial statements, media features etc.

    Each file must be uploaded individually by selecting the file and pressing 'Upload the selected file'.

    You may upload as many files as you want using this method.

  5. 5

    Submit your Application

    Once you have filled in all the required information check that everything is correct and up to date. Click Submit to send us your application before the submission deadline to be considered for the program.

    After submitting you may no longer edit your application.

    If you encounter any issues, please contact us at


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