Training Partners

The program provides companies with access to training material, workshops, and knowledge-based events modelled on global best practices. The capacity building curriculum of the program has been developed alongside key partners that possess expertise around different topics that are of interest to companies participating in the program. These partners are CFA Society Greece, the Global Competitiveness Academy (GCA) and Arizona State University (ASU), as well as internationally renowned academics.

Capacity Building Components:

  • 8 Workshops on Corporate Finance by CFA Society.

    A series of workshops that aim to enhance participant’s knowledge of corporate financing issues, and to increase their understanding of financing tools. The workshops have been designed for founders and C-suite executives, and cover the topics outlined below.

    • Financial Statements Analysis
    • Equity Valuation & Issue
    • Bond Valuation & Issue
    • Sources of Funding
    • Capital Budgeting and Project Evaluation
    • Business Optimization & Restructuring
    • Business Plan & Investment Pitch
    • Special Topics
  • Online Resources

    Access to Online Courses by the Global Competitiveness Academy and Arizona State University

    To enhance the companies’ competitive edge, the online courses focus on topics that can drive value for businesses in the era of digital transformation. Participants will learn how to leverage data to improve their strategy, how to apply CSR and sustainability principles to enhance their value proposition, and how to effectively lead in a business environment undergoing transformation.

    • Business Analytics and Strategy
    • Enterprise Analytics and Big Data
    • Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

    Additional online management trainings by leading organizations on topics of leadership, communication skills and strategy will be provided.

  • Executive Course on Corporate Performance, designed by George Serafeim (Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School)

    This course offers a holistic view of the constituent parts, competencies, and activities that make up a successful company. Viewed from the perspective of the General Manager, the course provides practical applications and case studies, and guides participants in the key points they need to grasp in order to measure, analyze, drive, and communicate corporate performance.


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